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Map of President Donald J Trump's rallies. Green markers represent Mike Pence's rallies.

Donald Trump's presidential campaign was largely defined by his many rallies. Throughout the campaign, Donald Trump held over 400 events across the country in 45 states. Mike Pence held over 100 of his own rallies.[1]

Trump was known to be an extremely high energy candidate, often holding several rallies in multiple states in a single day. In the one week before election day, Trump held nearly 30 rallies, visiting up to five different states in a day.

Iowa, largely because it is the first state to cast a vote in the primaries, received the most visits from Trump at over 40 (plus 10 from Pence). Trump did not visit Alaska, Hawaii, South Dakota, Wyoming, nor Idaho during the campaign.

During the campaign, Trump also paid visits to the Mexican president Enrique Nieto in Mexico City, and to Scotland for the renovation of his Turnberry golf course.

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